Make room for TULU

The most unique and advanced amenity you can provide to your tenants. 


Optimize your living space!

TULU rooms grant urban dwellers access to the newest, most handy and sought after equipment, appliances, tools and accessories, despite spatial or financial constraints.

Our units are customized to store the most necessary and useful items, depending on location and needs, so each one can have different contents.

The whole management of the Tulu unit is done through the app, backed by our top maintenance team and state of the art customer support.

TULU is based on a sharing economy model to create a more sustainable and equitable society. Our rooms optimize living space, minimize waste consumption and improve life quality.

TULU is perfect for


Cleaning & cooking appliances and furniture for extra company


Cleaning & cooking appliances and furniture for extra company


All sorts of outdoor sports

(and camping) gear


Projector for presentations

steam iron for a job interview

Upgrade your spare space!

Our sales team will coordinate a visit in the building

Joint curation of products,  tailor made design, easy and quick installment  

Maintenance and customer support, for your peace of mind

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