About TULU

TULU was created by designers, architects and planners who understand that the sharing economy is a sustainable and equitable economy.  


Urban living and compact space doesn’t mean that products and services should be inaccessible because of spatial or income constraints. 


Through IOT, data analysis and good design, TULU optimizes space and product usage, reduces waste, and delivers quality and fun.  

Our Partners

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Yishai Lehavi


Yael Shemer


Itamar Mofaz


Oren Tvila

Gilad Rosenzweig

Adi Gery

Binyamin Meron

VP Engineering

Head of Software Development

VP Product

Head of Design

Omer Fogel

Data and Growth Consultant

Tom Laufer

Data and Growth Consultant

Nir Ruso

Operating and Installation


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NYC |  347 285 1330
TLV | +972 58 666 4200
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